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Spraylat International Limited are committed to providing the best customer service to everyone. We pride ourselves on ensuring you have the best protection possible for all your needs. Our aim is to build a relationship with you and give you assistance when you require it.

This starts with our expert advice...

Whether you contact us or we contact you, we will always give you our honest and best advice so that your getting the right protection for your surfaces.


Whether it is permanent or temporary, long term or short term protection you require, we guarantee we will give you our expert opinion.

Our customer service is like no other, we pride ourselves on working with you from start to finish to ensure Protectapeel works for you and is protecting as well as it can do. For more information simply contact us.

The Service We Offer

...Followed up by a free demonstration...

Then we can set you up with a demonstration. Our Application Technician will visit you and demonstrate how the product is applied by roller and spray.


Our technician will also show you the actual benefits of Protectapeel first-hand, meaning you can try before you buy.

...Then we can train you...

Our Application Technician can then train you and your team on how to apply Protectapeel by roller and airless spray gun. 

You will also receive handy tips on how to clean and maintain your equipment.

...And check on Protectapeel's progress...

Once you've begun applying Protectapeel to the required surfaces we can visit you to see how Protectapeel is being applied and if you are getting the most for your protective coatings.


Our team will give you any further advice and show you where Protectapeel can be applied to assist you further.  

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