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Chemical Milling

Protectapeel's protective coatings are the most effective solution to ensuring accurate etching of metals. The coating is acid resistant and will prevent areas being corroded when dipped.

Chemical Milling
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  • Liquid applied – spray, dip or roller

  • Water-based

  • Easy application and removal - hand peel

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Easy to scribe by hand or laser cut

  • No loss of adhesion

  • Air, Microwave or Oven dried.

  • Environmentally Friendly

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Protectapeel Hydromask is a range of maskants used in the chemical milling or chemical etching process. The coatings are suitable for use in several etchants including hydrofluoric/hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda.

The maskants dry to form a skin-tight barrier, with excellent chemical resistance, that will protect surfaces during the etching process. The maskant will retain its adhesion to the surface during etching yet can be removed by hand peeling.

Protectapeel Hydromask has excellent etch properties which will allow users to cut by hand or laser. The coatings will prevent “etch creep” at the cut edge and are ideal for small or large-scale etching.

Easy to scribe

Protectapeel maskants can easily be cut by hand or laser to ensure the precise shape you desire. It is simply hand peeled when required.

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Chemical Resistance

Protectapeel has excellent chemical resistance and maintains good adhesion to the surface throughout the etching process

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Precise Etching

Protectapeel forms a tough protective barrier which means that you can etch complex shapes.

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